Thank you to all the Shop Stewards who joined us at the Convention Center on Saturday - appreciate you all!

Voices of Teamsters boomed through the Seattle Convention Center on Saturday as hundreds gathered for our annual Shop Steward Seminar and Appreciation Day.

"We're built for this!" was the refrain invoked throughout the day, which brought members together for training and discussion about how to move the labor movement and our Local Union into the future. 

Check out photos from the seminar here.

Thanks to our amazing keynote speakers - Cherika Carter, Secretary-Treasurer of the WSLC, AFL-CIO, and Shaun Martinez of Teamsters Local 1932 - for contextualizing and crystallizing what is both a challenging and exciting historical moment for workers.  

Cherika Carter, S-T of the WSLC, AFL-CIO, inspired at the podium!

Appreciation also goes out to all of our panelists, presenters, trainers, member leaders and staff who facilitated and engaged us in dialog throughout the day. Special thanks to Jill Reese, who led the coordination of the event with grace, humor, and laser-focused effectiveness.

Most of all, much gratitude and love to our Shop Stewards who brought their many talents, ideas, and experiences to the event. We appreciate you all so much!

"Our Shop Stewards are the backbone of this Union," - Paul Dascher, S-T of Local 117

"Our Shop Stewards are the backbone of this Union," said Paul Dascher, Secretary-Treasurer of Teamsters 117. "They make tremendous sacrifices to ensure that our members have professional, compassionate, and informed representation. We are incredibly grateful for their service. Together, we are built for this."