Every day at every level of government, elected officials make decisions that affect your job, your family and your life.

Register to vote today.  The stakes are too high not to care.    

This year, we even have an unprecedented number of Teamster candidates running for local office. We are proud that voters will be asked in November to elect pro-worker Teamsters to local office. But in order for us to support our brothers & sisters, we’ve got to get them elected!

We have set as a goal to increase the number of Teamsters Local 117 members registered to vote in 2013 by 5%.  Imagine the impact we could make if 5% more members were registered to vote! 

You can do your part by registering.  Click here to register to vote.

With so much at stake in 2013, now is the time to register or update your registration.  If you’re not registered, you can fill out an online voter registration form at www.teamsters117.org/register.  The process takes about 5 minutes!