Arbitrator Michael Cavanaugh has issued his interest arbitration decision for Teamsters at the University of Washington Police Department. 

We are still in the process of analyzing the award, but here is our initial assessment. The arbitrator has called for a 10% wage increase in the first year of the 2023-2025 biennium and a 10% increase in year two. The award also maintains members' current contract language for compensatory time, holiday banks, and overtime.

At 20% over a two-year contract, the interest arbitration award gives you a monumental sized arbitration award not seen for years.

In addition, the arbitrator has awarded the following:

  • Year one change in education premium from a lump sum to a percentage premium of 1.5% for an AA and 2% for a BA;
  • An increase in the education premium in year two to 2% for an AA and 3% for a BA;
  • Preserved Football double time;
  • Preserved recharge overtime and language.

The arbitrator calls the University out for their irresponsible demands for members to accept takeaways:

“Thus, in my view, this is simply not a time for what the Union has aptly dubbed “take aways” for this unit. Rather, the current UWPD staffing concerns—at a time when police departments throughout the region and beyond are offering signing and retention bonuses, often substantial, I caution that the University cannot afford to make employment within the Department even less competitive on compensation than it already seems to be, at least with respect to the cities the parties agreed to consider.” – Arbitrator Cavanaugh.

Your Union’s legal team is still in the process of analyzing all other elements of the award. We will continue to provide you with information as it becomes available.

The arbitrator’s complete award can be viewed here.

Thank you to the members and the entire bargaining team for their hard work, courage, and for everything you do to keep our communities safe.


Sarena Davis

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