It’s was an exciting day for DOC Teamsters, as we headed into federal court to argue a case before the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.  The case involves certain positions at WCCW and MCCCW that were designated by the Department as female-only.  

Your Union challenged the DOC’s designations, alleging that qualified male staff at those facilities were unfairly bumped from their bid posts, while female officers faced excessive overtime, safety concerns, and missed breaks due to lack of relief.

Your Union’s legal team filed a discrimination lawsuit in federal court in an effort to protect your rights.  That was in 2011.  Two years later, a lower court dismissed the case, but we were ultimately granted the opportunity to present our case again, on appeal to the Ninth Circuit.

Your Union’s General Counsel, Spencer Thal, presented oral argument on behalf of the Union.  Both sides were given 15 minutes to present their case.  The hearing took place in the William K. Nakamura Courthouse (1010 Fifth Ave.) in Seattle.

You can view Thal's presentation in the video below.  Bear in mind that, just like with the Supreme Court, judges on the Ninth Circuit are apt to engage in dialogue and rigorous questioning rather than simply sitting through the oral argument: