We held our first step grievance meeting with the State last week to protest Temporary Layoff (TLO) days unilaterally imposed on the membership by the Department.

We presented our case to DOC's labor relations manager. Participating on behalf of the Union were President Michelle Woodrow, DOC Coordinator Sarena Davis and members Brooke Hays of CRCC, Becky HaneyNixon of WSP, and Chris Lukens of CBCC.

At the meeting, we argued that the DOC violated numerous provisions of our collective bargaining agreement when implementing and administering TLO days on the membership. DOC reduced work hours, which is not allowed in our contract, and disregarded your seniority rights. We are seeking a make whole remedy for all members who have been impacted by the TLO days.

The State now has 14 days to respond to our presentation.

"DOC did not carry out the temporary layoffs in an equitable manner. This was a slap in the face after we were refused the opportunity to voluntarily lay off." - Chris Lukens, CBCC

In addition to asserting our rights through the grievance and arbitration process, we have a pending Unfair Labor Charge in which we allege DOC deliberately sabotaged a negotiated process that would have achieved savings to the agency by allowing members to submit for voluntary furlough days.

We will keep you updated both on the status of our grievance and on the ULP charge. Please reach out to your Union Representative if you have questions.  

Thanks to all of you for your patience on this issue. Special thanks to the rank-and-file members who participated in the grievance hearing.