This week, the Union filed a statewide grievance covering all Local 117 members at DOC in protest of the State's unilateral decision to impose temporary layoffs on the membership.

  • You can view the grievance directed at DOC's labor relations manager here.

The gist of the grievance is that the DOC violated various provisions of our collective bargaining agreement in the manner in which the Department implemented the layoffs. 

The Union maintains that DOC failed to provide adequate formal notice of the layoffs, has allowed DOC employees to work outside of their job classification, has utilized outside contractors and/or management to back-fill for Local 117 members, and has violated our seniority rights.  

On behalf of the membership, the Union is requesting a full make-whole remedy and for the Department to cease and desist all future layoff days.

Our success in this case depends largely on members quickly and accurately reporting any violations of our collective bargaining agreement. 

If you observe or are subjected to any of the following potential violations, please report it to your Shop Steward or Union Representative immediately:

  • Skimming bargaining unit work: if management or outside consultants perform work ordinarily performed by a member of Teamsters 117;
  • Working while on layoff: if you are asked to engage in work while on layoff status;
  • Working out of class: if you are asked to perform work outside the normal duties and responsibilities of your specific job classification;
  • Anything that compromises staff safety: if you are asked to perform work that is unsafe.

If you have questions or to report a violation, please use your Union Representative's contact information listed below: 

Talisa Boad 360-722-0891 [email protected]
Sarena Davis 206-794-6671 [email protected]
Mike Miskell 206-794-9564 [email protected]
Cheryl Miller 509-220-2939 [email protected]
Frederick Rodgers 360-722-2308 [email protected]
Wesley Wilson 509-520-0012 [email protected]