Good news on health care for Teamsters 117 members who are state employees. 

Yesterday, our coalition of state employee unions met with the State to negotiate over your benefits for the 2021-2023 biennium.

In negotiations, we were able to achieve a tentative agreement with the State that maintains the current 85/15 split on your premium share. 

This means that your employer will continue to contribute 85% of the total weighted average of the premium, while members will contribute 15%. 

Maintaining the status quo on health care was a major priority of our membership as voiced in contract surveys and at our contract demands meetings. 

With the State facing a projected $9 billion budget deficit, we did agree that your employer would not be required to provide the $25 gift card for enrollment in the State's wellness program.

But given the severity of the economic crisis, we believe this minor change is worth the security of maintaining the current premium share. 

You can view the tentative health care agreement here.

Members will have an opportunity to vote on this proposal. Stay tuned for more information about the vote coming soon!