About 275 drivers, employed at Transdev, are fighting to win their union and become members of Teamsters Local 117.

These drivers perform essential services to our community by transporting elderly and disabled residents of King County to locations throughout our region. Many will be working over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend helping our county’s most vulnerable residents spend time with their loved ones.

“I’m working to form our union because together we win,” said Howard Berry, who works out of the company's Shoreline base.

The drivers are looking to address a number of issues including the need for greater retirement security, better health care, scheduling concerns, and others.

“I’m standing with the Teamsters to fight for affordable family health care," said Stephen Boeckman, a driver out of the Bellevue base. "Under Transdev’s health care plans, we keep paying more and getting less. For my family, I had to choose the cheapest plan because it’s all I could afford, but that leaves me with a $2,000 deductible."

Sue Engel, who works out of the company’s Kent base, talked about the need for greater retirement security.

“I’m fighting for a secure retirement. Transdev’s 401(k) contributions are a joke. We deserve better - a defined benefit pension that provides guaranteed lifetime income."

On December 8, the Transdev drivers will have an opportunity to vote to become members of Teamsters Local 117 through the NLRB election process. Once they win their election, they can begin the process of negotiating a Teamster contract.

Let's stand together with our brothers and sisters at Transdev as they fight to win improvements at work and the dignity and respect they deserve!