This email just came in from our friends at the Washington Work and Family Coalition:

Three exciting policies to help women's economic security -- need you!

Dear Coalition partners, friends and supporters,

Washington's 2015 legislative session started this week!

We are excited to announce our 2015 legislative priorities - a package of three policies that will boost our whole economy, but are especially important to women and their families: the Equal Pay Opportunity Act, Paid Sick Days Act, and Family and Medical Leave (FAMLI) Act.

Unequal pay and a lack of paid leave are dragging down our whole economy. Women make up nearly half the workforce and earn a majority of college degrees, yet still earn less than men in every occupation and remain the primary care providers for children and sick or aging family members.

Lower wages and limited access to paid leave mean women have a harder time saving for education, are more vulnerable during a health or other crisis, and have less income in retirement. They also have less to spend in local businesses.

It doesn't have to be this way. We can create a better future for women in Washington by building health and economic security for women and men, children and seniors, workers and community businesses.

Join the effort by signing the Women's Economic Agenda! Here are a few things you can do this week to help:

1) Sign the petition today. Then forward it to your friends and family. You know the saying: "there is power in numbers"!

2) Share your story about a lack of sick leave, unequal pay, or no income following the birth of a child or in a medical crisis. Your story will help convince legislators these policies are important. Please send an email to [email protected].

3) Will you be involved in a lobby day this year? Let us know and we can bring fact sheets or supply a speaker. Please send an email to [email protected]. We can't create change for women without you. Please sign the petition today and help us spread the word!


The Washington Work and Family Coalition