Last week, we said goodbye to our summer intern for 2018, Clara Raftery. Clara joined us to help with the Family.Strength.Community campaign and did wonderful work in engaging our members in the face of the Janus court ruling.

Clara is at the University of Washington studying the Geography of Globalization and Development which involves analyzing social and cultural groups and the organization of society. "I was unaware of the daily workings of labor and organizing, so I really appreciated this experience with Teamsters 117," she said.

Her interest in empowering people and giving them a platform is what drew her to seek an internship in the labor movement. As a co-chair of United Students Against Sweatshops at the UW, she was thrilled at the opportunity to expand her experience contributing to and learning with our team.

Clara engaged workers in empowering conversations, took part in phone banking and attended a Port Commissioners meeting to represent workers' rights. "I really can't stand by when workers or certain communities are misrepresented. Being involved in labor activism is a privilege," she reflected.

This was our third consecutive year of offering internships which help engage young people in the labor movement. If you are attending college, our website is a good source of information to learn about the world of union organizing and representation.