Congratulations to our Teamster Brothers and Sisters at GP Gypsum in Tacoma. The group voted yesterday to ratify a new 4-year contract. 

"We are lucky to have these members as a part of our Union."

The vote comes after a challenging contract negotiations process. Back in October, our members voted unanimously to authorize a strike.

Throughout the process, members stood together and displayed their Union pride. Many put large Teamster name labels on their lockers and wore solidarity stickers in the yard.  

"There was more union presence down there, more solidarity" said Shop Steward Skyler Still. "Kris (the group's Rep) came down and got us all together. Then John stepped in during negotiations. We got some high visibility Teamster shirts. We all showed up to a safety committee meeting when something was going on that we didn't like. It was the biggest safety committee turnout in four or five years."

Secretary-Treasurer John Scearcy, who headed up the negotiations, had this to say:

"This group stuck together, supported their Union bargaining committee, and fought hard for critical improvements to their contract. We are lucky to have these members as a part of our Union."