Thomas-Wray---PS-Business-Rep.jpgFor years, we have all heard there's a War on Workers, and for years your Union has done everything in its power to ensure your contracts, wages, working conditions and benefits remain intact and protected.

In states like Wisconsin, your Brothers and Sisters have seen their rights, benefits and working conditions erode away. However, instead of sitting back, they are standing up and fighting alongside their Union to voice their disapproval.

In Washington State, we have a "laid back" attitude that I love and admire. However, when it comes to protecting our way of life and the future of our children, we cannot afford to be laid back.

We have already seen right-to-work (for less) legislation introduced in our state. Luckily, with the help of our coalition partners, we were able to defeat the bill. At least for now.

Creating and maintaining local and statewide political allies is vital to our future. This notion is not lost on our Political Action Coordinator, Dustin Lambro. Dustin has created your Local's first ever Statewide Political Advisory Committee (SPAC).

This committee is made up of 9 rank-and-file members from different industries within your Union and include the following people:

  • Cheryl Steele, DOC – Airway Heights CC
  • Josh Reyes, DOC – Clallam Bay CC
  • Scott Nettles, DOC – Washington State Penitentiary
  • Randy Marquis, City of Tacoma
  • Lisa Ohlen, King County
  • Freda Cogger, Workforce Central
  • Matt Lewis, Safeway Ice Cream
  • Brett Nunez, Republic Services of Bellevue
  • Ian Schulte, Unified Grocers

To get an endorsement from Local 117, a candidate must:

  1. complete a questionnaire and return it to SPAC
  2. meet with and be interviewed by SPAC
  3. receive an official endorsement from the E-Board

What Can You Do?

Not everyone can serve on a committee or attend every Lobby Day event. However, you can still have your voice heard locally and in Olympia by contributing to DRIVE.

A contribution to DRIVE of only $1.00 or $2.00 a week is a great way to ensure your voice is heard and an even GREATER WAY to demonstrate to your employer that you are investing in your future! Isn't it time you stand up and make Local 117 YOUR UNION? Contact your Business Representative for your DRIVE card today.

Remember, Teamster Power Begins with You!