Bad guys, beware! Two Tacoma Teamsters are being hailed by police for their role in apprehending two suspected burglars.

The brothers who work at the Fred Meyer distribution center in Puyallup chased down the suspects after a neighbor spotted the burglars carrying electronics out of her home.  

Check out the story published by KIRO tv:

Tacoma brothers chase down and capture burglary suspects

Robert Tasi and his big brother, Fatu, were getting ready for work when they heard a woman across the street calling for help. As she returned home from work, she noticed two men carrying her electronics out the door. The burglars had even put her dog in one of their cars.

When the Tasi brothers looked out the window in the direction of the homeowner’s screams, they saw burglars sprinting out of her house, and down the street.

Both brothers took immediate action, without saying a word to each other.

“I ran downstairs without grabbing anything,” said Tasi. “I usually grab my socks and my shoes, but I just went barefooted."

The two jumped into Fatu's car, and two blocks away, they saw the suspects trying to hide. The suspects ran in opposite directions, with the Tasi brothers sprinting behind them.

“Robert went after the tall dude and I went after the guy who was about my height," said Fatu.

“To be honest, I almost like lost him,” said Robert. “Then I was like jumping him like (Seattle Seahawk) Earl Thomas, you know? I grabbed him and I pulled him down, and the police showed up right there."

Seconds later, Fatu ran down the other burglar.

“I grabbed him, and threw him against the fence. He was trying to fight back, trying to break and just run away,” Fatu said. What the suspect, 23-year-old Terrell Montae Walker didn't know, is Fatu is a former heavyweight boxer. “I was like, you're trying to fight the wrong person, dude."

After Tacoma police arrested and booked the two suspects, Fatu and Robert received thanks from Tacoma police officers and from the terrified homeowner.

“I wasn't even afraid or scared,” said Fatu. “We’ve got God by our side to be honest with you, man."