On Saturday, over a dozen Teamsters spent their day off volunteering in an Emergency Food Network (EFN) warehouse in Tacoma repacking frozen vegetables for hungry families in Pierce County. 

"They had us packing up carrots today," said Mark Johnson, a retired Teamster from Pepsi who worked with the volunteer crew.  "They're good for the eyesight and good for the brain."

EFN is the primary food distributor to more than 60 emergency food sites in Pierce County. To get this food distributed to individuals and families in need, EFN enlists volunteers to help repackaging fresh, frozen, and dry bulk foods into smaller, family-sized portions.

"We came to serve the community and give back a little bit of time for families who are hurting," said Dante Cobb, a Teamster at United Natural Foods, Inc.

"I feel it is important to feed the homeless - that's why we're here,"added Michelle Morrison, a Local 117 member at King County.

Over a three-hour period, Local 117 members repackaged over 14,000 lbs of frozen carrots that will be distributed through area food banks.

If you would like to volunteer for future Teamster efforts to help feed families in need, give us a call at 206-441-4860.