Our bill to modify the Public Records Act to protect your personal information is in danger of not getting a hearing.

The bill (SB 5326) would allow our corrections and law enforcement members to seek legal damages if their personal information, obtained through public disclosure, is used to harass or intimidate them or any other person. 

To save the bill, we need to contact our state senators immediately by calling the Legislative Hotline at 1.800.562.6000. Tell them that Senator Mike Padden, the chair of the Senate Law & Justice Committee, should give the bill a hearing!

If our bill doesn't get a hearing by the end of next week, it will die in committee.

Over 200 DOC members will be meeting with their legislators to discuss this and other critical issues next week at our DOC Legislative Reception and Lobby Day. 

But we can't wait until then to act on our Public Records Act bill, so please call the Legislative Hotline or send your senators an email now!