We're close to passing another one of our most important legislative priorities this year - the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act (ESSB 6149). 

This bill would help increase the number of healthy babies by ensuring reasonable accommodations for pregnant women.

Unfortunately, special interest groups are trying to strip the bill of basic protections by limiting important accommodations to a restricted list and exempting non-profit organizations where women make up the majority of employees.

Time is running out to get a strong bill passed before the end of the legislative session. Your legislators need to hear from you, and pronto!

Most women can work well into their pregnancies with only minor accommodations, such as temporary assignment to light duty, additional food or bathroom breaks, or the ability to carry a water bottle or sit while working.

But employers and employees need flexibility when determining what accommodations will work in a particular situation. And no woman should have to choose between keeping her job or keeping herself and her baby healthy.

Please urge your legislators to pass a strong bill that allows flexible accommodations and doesn't exclude large numbers of working women.