The State is coming after the health care of thousands of Teamster correctional employees.  In health care negotiations for state employees, which are occurring today down in Olympia, the State has proposed seizing complete control over when and how much they can raise deductibles and change out-of-pocket-maximums. 

The State’s proposal radically threatens the health care benefits that Teamster families depend on.

The Health Care Coalition of State employees, which includes Teamsters Local 117, has proposed a reasonable package, which would maintain the status quo plan.

TAKE ACTION NOW!  Take immediate action to preserve the health care benefits of Teamster correctional employees!  Call the Governor’s office right now at 360-902-4111 and then send an email with this message: 

While the cost of living has continued to climb, correctional employees who perform critical public safety work have not received a raise in 6 years.  Correctional employees cannot afford more takeaways on health care.  The State needs to take its hands off of their health care!  Thank you!