Officer Patrick Collecchi at our Holiday Membership Meeting at the Stafford Creek Corrections Center.

Officer Patrick Collecchi of the Stafford Creek Corrections Center talks about why he plans to attend our DOC Lobby Day on February 13 and 14. Officer Collecchi is new to DOC and has been at SCCC since March.

Why are you planning to attend our DOC Lobby Day?

I've seen a lot of other state agencies who haven't had very good representation. I'd like to go down with my Union that has shown more support for me and my co-workers. 

What do you hope to achieve by going to Lobby Day?

I want to make sure we get our contract funded. I want to build that level of camaraderie with my co-workers and show that we can be involved in decisions like this that affect us in the workplace.

Have you ever been down to speak with your legislators in Olympia before?

No. I spoke with my Congressman once when I was in the Marines but that is about it.

How do you expect that it will go? 

I'm not too nervous about it. I've got plenty of support with me.

What would you say to encourage your co-workers to attend Lobby Day with you?

If you are unseen and unheard, you are not cared for.

Anything you'd like to add?

I'm glad that we have interest arbitration in our contract so that we have that third party. So that it's not just us against them. We now have a mediator in there. From the taxpayers' standpoint, there is now someone neutral coming in there saying this is feasible.