Brothers and Sisters -

A year ago backers of the Janus court case were forecasting the end of unions. They tried to use the courts to take away our freedom to stand together for fair wages, affordable health care, and a secure retirement for ourselves and our families.

One year later, unions have emerged stronger than ever. More people across the country understand the value of standing together with their co-workers to improve their quality of life and build strong, vibrant communities.

"...members are sticking with the union in overwhelming numbers."

At Teamsters 117, members are sticking with the union in overwhelming numbers. As a result, we’ve raised wages, improved benefits, and strengthened contracts for thousands of public service workers over the last year. We’ve helped passed laws in Olympia that will enhance the rights of all members of Teamsters 117. This year we also hosted our first-ever Teamsters Womxn’s Conference that brought a powerful spirit of sisterhood to our union.

The anti-worker "Freedom" Foundation is still going after your personal information trying to bait you into "opting-out" of the union. But members of Teamsters 117 aren't taking the bait. In fact, union membership at our Local and across the country is on the rise and our state just passed one of the most pro-worker family agendas in decades.

At Teamsters 117, we will always fight for the freedom to stand up for fairness, respect, and justice for ALL working people. Our mission is to build unity and power to improve lives and lift up our communities. Our union is strong because members like you make it strong.

Thank you for your service and for standing together with your co-workers for good, family-wage jobs, safe workplaces, and strong, healthy communities.

In unity,


John Scearcy