Secretary-Treasurer John Scearcy received the Power to the People award at the WA State Labor Council Convention on July 26.

Congrats to our amazing Secretary-Treasurer John Scearcy! Brother Scearcy was recognized at the WA State Labor Council Convention last week for his outstanding work leading our union's political action program over the last year.

Secretary-Treasurer Scearcy ushered our union through the 2019 legislative session, which was one of our most successful ever. 

We achieved an 8% wage increase over two years for Local 117 members at the WA State Department of Corrections by funding our DOC contract. We also passed a bill that will provide interest arbitration rights to our members at the DOC and the University of Washington Police Department.

Scearcy accepted the award on behalf of our rank-and-file union activists who have been instrumental in fighting to preserve and expand the rights of working families in Washington State.