Teamsters at Seattle Iron & Metals are fed up.  On multiple occasions, they have complained about poor working conditions at the company and their employer's basic lack of respect for their work.

Now, these workers are fighting back.  The overwhelmingly majority signed a petition and presented it to their employer in a collective action a few weeks ago.  The petition calls for safer, more dignified working conditions at the Seattle scrap yard.

The workers also demanded a meeting with the owner of the company to address their concerns.   

Two weeks later, with no word from the company, workers gathered again during their lunch break last Friday.  They ate hotdogs grilled up by their Business Representative, Kris Fish, and proceeded to march into the office again with a simple message.

Respect us, and respect our work!

In a positive sign, the company has now reached out and wants to set up a meeting.  

We will keep you posted as the situation developments...