Soccer Photos Here!

It was wild, it was wet, passions flared - what else could it be but our annual Union soccer tournament!

The quest for glory went down on Saturday, but for many of us, Monday came far too early to lift our aching bones (and bruised egos!) out of bed and return to work.  

But by now, we've licked our wounds and will probably (foolishly!) put our bodies on the line again next year for the sport we love. 

Congratulations to our two deserving champions, Ghana FC of Drivers Union and the Tacoma Street Slammers of Teamsters 117. At times, you made us look silly!

Special shout out to Brother James Borsum, whose goal, caught impeccably on video, was one for the history books, leading our 117 staff team to its first-ever victory at the event after 8 solemn years.  

Many thanks to all of the members who turned out to enjoy the day and to our amazing team of referees and volunteers.

Soccer, more than any sport, brings together a rich tapestry of people and cultures from around the globe to share in love of the beautiful game.

In that way, it's not unlike our very own Union.