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Shop of the Month: New Energy at QCD As Members Build their Union


Did you know that every time you sip a coffee or munch on a sandwich at Starbucks that the product was delivered by members of Teamsters 117?

Teamsters 117 represents approximately 70 drivers and helpers that deliver products to over 300 Starbucks stores across the Pacific Northwest.

"We deliver everything inside of Starbucks that you can purchase," said AC Jackson, a Shop Steward of 9 years.  "Coffee, sandwiches, juices, water, yogurt, tea - you name it.  Just about everything except for the furniture."

AC and his co-workers are employed by Quality Custom Distribution (QCD), the main food service distributor of Starbucks products in our region. The drivers are dispatched out of the QCD facility in Kent.

Yesterday, the group met before their shift to talk about their Union and workplace issues. It was a great meeting and an excellent opportunity for members to create the relationships that are necessary to build a strong Union shop.

"These meetings help us get to know each other, get on the same page, and build unity." 

"We see each other every day, but only for a few minutes because of the nature of the job," AC said. "These meetings help us get to know each other, get on the same page, and build unity."  

The QCD group has decided to get together on a regular basis to build solidarity as they get closer to contract negotiations next year.

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