We did it! Our bill (SB 6286) to extend assault benefits for corrections staff was moved out of the Senate Law and Justice Committee last night. We're now one step closer to passing the bill into law.

Make no mistake - you made the difference. Your phone calls and emails flooded the offices and inboxes of committee members to tell them about the critical nature of this legislation for DOC. 

We now have a viable vehicle for passing our bill in both the Senate and the House. SB 6268 now moves on to the Senate Rules Committee where it can be pulled to the Senate floor for a vote. Our House bill (HB 2507) is similarly poised for a vote. 

This is great news, but our work to extend assault benefits for DOC is far from over.

In the coming days, we will all need to reach out to our legislators. We'll need to share our stories and tell them why this bill is important.

Let’s celebrate this victory now. But we'll need to be ready to take action very soon.