The Department of Corrections is making a serious mistake.

The DOC wants to close the Larch Corrections Center, a model facility with nationally-recognized educational programs for the incarcerated population as they prepare for the challenging transition to reenter our communities.

Closure of the facility would force correctional employees and their families to uproot and sever ties with local businesses, schools, and their neighbors. The families of incarcerated individuals would have to travel longer distances to visit their loved ones who are assigned to other prisons.

Larch staff also train critical fire crews that are essential in fighting wildfires in our state. Relocating these crews will represent an important lost resource that has served and protected the local community for years.

SEND YOUR MESSAGE TO OLYMPIA & THE DOC: Keep Larch open! Keep local communities together!

Teamsters at Larch have set up an online petition at calling on the DOC to keep Larch open: