Teamsters at King County will see an extra chunk of money in their paychecks this month. The money comes as a result of months of hard work by members and staff who have been part of our King County Coalition of Unions.

The Coalition spent much of last year negotiating a Total Compensation Agreement, which all Teamster bargaining units overwhelmingly ratified last December. The Agreement covers your wages, benefits, and other compensable elements for 2019-2020.

With the contract approved, all Teamsters 117 members at the County received a 4% wage increase effective January 1, 2019. Before you could see the money reflected in your paycheck, the contract needed to be approved by the Council and the County Executive.

That process is now complete and your wage increase retroactive to January 1 has arrived.  

Your contract also provides for a total of a 3% wage increase in 2020, divided into two parts: a 1.5% increase effective January 1, 2020 and a 1.5% increase effective July 1, 2020. You will also receive a $500 bonus on January 1, 2020 that applies to members of the King County Coalition of Unions only.

It’s important to know that the County initially proposed significantly less than what our Union Coalition achieved in negotiations. Your retro pay and wage increases are a testament to the hard work of the Coalition and the power of having a voice at work through your union.

Other improvements in your contract include enhancements to your vision plan, the restoration of the 2016 retirees medical subsidy, improved long-term disability benefits, and access to a short-term disability plan.

The excellent family medical benefits you enjoy as a union member at King County remain unchanged for the term of the contract. You can view the complete Total Comp Agreement along with your individual unit’s appendix agreement here.

Thank you for your service to the residents of King County. I wish you and your family a wonderful Fourth of July holiday.