In last year’s interest arbitration hearing, one of our priorities for Teamsters working in BFOQ positions at WCCW and MCCCW was to address the issue of excessive mandatory overtime.

Charlotte Weimann, a 33-year officer at WCCW, helped make our case to the arbitrator.

After listening to our concerns, Arbitrator Lankford awarded officers: a two (2) range premium for all hours worked in a BFOQ position if and only if the facility in question assigned more than 30% more mandatory overtime hours to female Corrections and Custody Officers than to male Corrections and Custody Officers during the preceding calendar quarter.

For calendar quarter April through June 2017, the more than 30% threshold was met. This means that female CO’s will receive a two (2) range premium for all hours worked in a BFOQ position for the current calendar quarter.

Due to DOC payroll issues, affected officers at WCCW and MCCCW likely won’t see their additional compensation until their August 10 paycheck.  But your premium pay is on the way.

This is another example of the power of interest arbitration and the impact it continues to have on members of our union. We can thank everyone who worked so hard to achieve interest arbitration for DOC Teamsters over the last several years and our outstanding union bargaining committee that successfully negotiated these rights into our 2017-2019 contract.