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Critical Tacoma Paid Sick Days Hearing - January 13


Tacoma is on the verge of passing Paid Sick Leave legislation.  This is great news for the 40,000 workers in Tacoma who don't have access to Paid Sick Days.  

The problem is that the policy proposed by the Mayor would give Tacoma the weakest Paid Sick Days law in the country. The current policy provides only three days per year and doesn't protect Union workers who are working under a collective bargaining agreement.  

Tacoma workers deserve better.  

Working people need protections for when they get sick and can’t come to work. Right now, workers can lose pay, or their jobs, when they or a loved one falls ill.

At the same time, we can't accept the public health risk of workers being forced to come to work sick. A high-quality sick leave policy is critical to build families’ economic security, protect public health, reduce health care costs, and create healthier workplaces.

The Tacoma City Council is holding a public meeting on January 13 at 5 P.M. to get public input on this proposal. 

Will you join us to show strong public support for paid sick leave?  You can RSVP HERE for this event. 

Event details:

Tacoma City Council's Public Meeting
Tuesday, January 13 at 5pm
First Floor, Tacoma Municipal Building
747 Market Street
Tacoma, WA 98402

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