After six years under the outstanding direction of Tracey Thompson, your Local Union will see a change in leadership.

On March 11, the Executive Board of Teamsters Local 117, unanimously voted to appoint President John Scearcy to succeed Thompson as your new Secretary-Treasurer effective April 1. The Secretary-Treasurer is the principal officer at Teamsters Local 117, responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Union.

Thompson announced the change at the annual Shop Steward Seminar on March 14 and at the membership meeting on March 19.

“John Scearcy is a dynamic leader who cares deeply about this Union,” Thompson said. “He has headed up major negotiations in key industries, led the campaign that brought a strike fund to our Local, and organized our participation in a number of community volunteer efforts and events. John always puts members first; he is the ideal candidate to carry on the work of this Local Union.”

John grew up in a Union household and has been a Teamster for 23 years. John’s father was a switchman for the Burlington Northern Railroad and his mother continues to work in the mailroom at the City of Tacoma. John’s roots as a Teamster are in the grocery and food service industry, where he served the Local as a Shop Steward at Food Services of America before being hired as a Business Representative in 2006. In recognition of his outstanding leadership ability, John was elevated to the position of President and Executive Assistant in 2010.

“I am honored and humbled to have the privilege to lead this Local Union that I love,” Scearcy said. “I will carry on Tracey’s legacy of fighting for strong contracts with family wages and benefits and making sure that all members of Teamsters 117 – and all working families in our region - have the opportunity to live with dignity and respect in the workplace.”

Scearcy also stated that he intends to keep intact Local 117’s team of 45 employees that represent over 16,000 working women and men across Washington State.

Thompson, who was recently diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer, cited health reasons for stepping down and the need to spend more time with her family. “This Union deserves a leader who can devote 100% to our members,” she said. “John Scearcy is that leader.”

Thompson will stay on as the Vice President of your Union’s Executive Board to ensure a smooth transition. The Board also voted to appoint Michelle Woodrow, your Union’s Director of Corrections and Law Enforcement, as the new President of the Executive Board. Woodrow will replace Scearcy who had previously held that position.

John Scearcy, Secretary-Treasurer
Michelle Woodrow, President
Tracey Thompson, Vice-President
Dave Roberts, Recording-Secretary
Cynthia Adams, Trustee
Scott Anderson, Trustee
Alfredo Espino, Trustee