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MCC Members Volunteer for Oso Disaster Relief

The Monroe Correctional Complex (MCC) is located just under forty miles Southwest of Oso, WA where one of the worst disasters in our State's history occurred on Saturday, March 22.  The impact of this natural event did not appear at first to have the breath of death and destruction that we now know occurred. 

As usual, when disasters strike our communities, our City, State, or Country First Responders and Public Safety professionals respond to the call of any need for rescue operations and support.

DOC members who work at MCC have heard that call and have volunteered to assist operations at the disaster site as well as in other vital ways.

Sergeant Jimmy Fletcher turned a day off into a day on-site when he made himself available to help in any way needed.  Fletcher wrote about his experience:

“I was able to take part in the search on Friday. I can say this much that seeing the video and pictures on television and the internet do not do the scene any justice. The physical demands were the hardest I have ever been involved with in my life. Just for my team to go a hundred yards probably took us 45 minutes because we were constantly doing self-rescues on our own team mates. A good number of volunteer search teams were off duty first responders such a medics, fire fighters, police, corrections and military. The dedication out of the volunteers was very comforting and also because each one was flying some form of insignia from their own department to show support and respect for the families of the victims and of course the victims themselves.”

The Red Cross and the United Way of Snohomish County have set up disaster relief funds for the families that have been affected by this tragedy. 

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