As a Union member, your involvement in political action is key to preserving good Teamster jobs with good benefits, family wages and decent working conditions for you and your family.

There are lots of ways to be active; look at some of the options below and then fill out the form to let us know how you'd like to get involved!

  • Local 117 Caucuses: The Black Teamsters United, Comité Latino, Teamsters for Tomorrow, and the Teamsters Women's Caucus have organized fundraisers, educational seminars, sporting events, and participated together on strike lines and in rallies. For more information about each caucus, visit our Caucuses page.
  • Political Action Committees (PACs): With over 16,000 members statewide, Local 117's ability to impact the electoral landscape is huge and your knowledge and experience are the most powerful tools to hold policy makers accountable to the critical issues impacting our members. Local 117's Political Action Coordinator Lily Wilson-Codega is organizing Political Action Committees (PACs) in your area. The purpose of the committees is to fight for issues that matter to Teamsters - issues like jobs, public safety, protection for injured workers, health care, and retirement security.
  • Volunteer Organizer: Membership participation is important to the success of any organizing efforts – moreso than any leaflet, newspaper advertisement or radio commercial – and there are a number of ways to help our organizing campaigns. Volunteers may assist campaigns by visiting workers at their homes, distributing leaflets, attending meetings, etc.  Volunteer organizers can bring the Teamsters message loud and clear to thousands of unorganized workers.
Will you volunteer?