Your Union's activities go beyond the daily work of grievance handling, contract negotiations and organizing. So much of what we do is directly affected by the politics in our counties, cities, state and federal governments. Our rights as working people and Union members are under constant challenge from a wide variety of interest groups who oppose our interests. Political Action has become essential.

The purpose of this page will be to keep you up-to-date on issues that will have the potential to directly impact you.



stop-war-on-workers.jpgThe cynical attempt to destroy the American middle class in Wisconsin and elsewhere is having reverberations across the country. Working people from Ohio to Indiana to Idaho are fighting back.

In Washington State, Union members, including dozens of Teamsters, have attended solidarity rallies at the State Capitol in Olympia.

The stakes of this fight are high as political renegades like Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin and their corporate cronies attempt to strip working people of their hard-earned wages, benefits, and right to bargain collectively.

Washingtonians understand that a shift in the political landscape in our state could have a similarly devastating impact on our fundamental rights as workers.

There are many ways you can get involved and join the labor movement that has been reignited by our brothers and sisters in Wisconsin. It starts by getting organized and getting involved.


DRIVE-image.jpgBig Business spends big money in Washington to influence members of Congress and push their anti-worker plans. They outspend working families on politics by more than 15-1.

Through grassroots political action and aggressive lobbying on Capitol Hill and in State Houses and City Halls across America, Teamsters have stopped some of the worst attacks on working people.

But Big Business is pushing their agenda harder than ever. That means we have to fight back stronger than ever.

And we have to move forward with our own programs, like improving job safety, fighting for affordable childcare, and stopping abuses by corporate health providers and insurance companies.

You can take a stand for working families by contributing to DRIVE – the Teamsters’ political action committee. Your contribution will support grassroots action by Teamster families to stand up to Big Business interests.

And your membership to DRIVE will help elect political candidates who care about working people. Contributions to DRIVE support a wide range of Teamster activities:

  • Keeping members and their families informed on the key issues that affect our future, including voter guides that show the records of our Senators and Representatives in Congress.
  • Rallies, news conferences, advertisements, and phone banks to build support on issues of concern to working people.
  • Voter registration, and financial support for political candidates who will stand up for working families.

DRIVE is non-partisan and independent from any political party. DRIVE is a critically important way that your Union can build political power to fight anti-worker initiatives, like the recent attack on collective bargaining rights in Wisconsin.

If you would like to contribute to DRIVE, talk to your Business Representative.