As our region braces for a severe cold spell, with temperatures expected to plunge into the 20s, homeless families and other residents of Nickelsville are asking members of Teamsters 117 for their help. 

Here are the top ten items homeless families in Nickelsville need.  Your donations are appreciated more than you can imagine.

  1. Batteries of all sizes (for flashlights)
  2. Socks of all sizes
  3. Help paying for honey bucket rental
  4. 33 gallons garbage bags for storage and trash removal
  5. Firewood to keep warm (non-treated)
  6. Help paying for dumpsters for trash removal
  7. Cookies to share
  8. Paper plates, paper cups, cutlery
  9. Warm clothing for adults and children
  10. Propane for cooking (bring a tank and take an empty one back)

These items can be brought to Nickelsville at 2010 S. Jackson Street, Seattle.  Donations can be made at the Low Income Housing Institute website at: