Working families all across the country are fighting to raise the minimum wage to a living wage.  Now the spotlight is on Seattle.  This Thursday, the City Council could vote on amendments to the Mayor’s $15 minimum wage proposal.

Corporate interests are intensively lobbying the City Council to water down the proposal.  We believe the Council should make the ordinance stronger, not weaker.

Raising the minimum wage benefits all of us.  It strengthens our economy by putting more money in people’s pockets.  As a Union, lifting the floor helps us negotiate higher wages for all of our members.  Together, it allows us to build an economy from the middle-class out, not “trickle down.”

Please call and/or e-mail City Councilmembers today to let the Council know that you support raising worker wages in Seattle. 

Here is a sample message to communicate to the Councilmembers:

"I urge you to vote now to approve the Mayor's $15 minimum wage proposal, with no delays and no weakening loopholes.  Seattle City Council needs to:

  1. Refuse to submit to corporate pressure to amend or water down the proposal.
  2. Reject a "training wage" loophole.  Sub-minimum wages will only encourage some employers to substitute young workers for existing employees, or to take advantage of vulnerable persons with disabilities.  The training wage only institutionalizes discrimination. 
  3. Ensure a more adequate enforcement mechanism. The City should have enforcement authority including active investigations of violations, and not just sending responses to worker complaints.

Mayor Ed Murray: (206) 684-4000
Councilmember Sally Bagshaw: (206) 684-8801 
Councilmember Tim Burgess: (206) 684-8806 
Councilmember Sally Clark: (206) 684-8802 
Councilmember Jean Godden: (206) 684-8807 
Councilmember Bruce Harrell: (206) 684-8804 
Councilmember Nick Licata: (206) 684-8803 
Councilmember Mike O'Brien: (206) 684-8800 
Councilmember Tom Rasmussen: (206) 684-8808 
Councilmember Kshama Sawant: (206) 684-8016

Thank you for joining Teamsters 117 in supporting a living wage for all workers!