Last week, the House version of our Assault Benefits bill (HB 2507) cleared committee by a unanimous, bipartisan vote. This is great news. Legislators were impressed by our powerful testimony on the bill, and it is moving forward.

The problem is that the Senate version of our bill (SB 6286) needs to be scheduled for executive action and time is running out.  We need to make sure SB 6286 passes out of the Senate Committee on Law and Justice by Friday or it will die in committee.

The best chance we have to extend assault benefits for DOC is if both bills move through their respective houses of the Legislature.

ACT NOW!  Tell the Senators on the Law and Justice committee to schedule our Assault Benefits bill (SB 6286) for a vote. Tell them why extending assault benefits is important to you.  Friday is cut off, so act now!

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Steve O’Ban - (360) 786 - 7654
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