If you missed our first Women’s Caucus meeting, here’s a recap!  

Teamsters Local 117’s Women’s Caucus plans to meet quarterly this year following the membership meeting schedule—March 19, June 18, Sept 27, and December 17.  Prior to our next meeting, we will participate in Caucus Lobby Day on Tuesday, February 24 in Olympia.   

Our Women’s Caucus will focus on legislation that is impactful to women and families.  This includes: WA Paycheck Fairness Act, WA FAMLI Act, and WA Paid Sick and Safe Leave Act.  For more information on these Acts, please click here.  To further support these Acts, sign a petition from our friends at Washington Work and Family Coalition. 

Through discussions about issues in the workplace, women from various shops established the following goals for 2015.  We aim to:

  • Recruit more members;
  • Involve Teamster families; address issues facing women, such as domestic violence, homelessness, fighting rent increase in Section 8 Housing in Seattle, through advocacy and volunteer work;
  • Send Women’s Caucus members to the National Teamsters Women’s Conference. 

Furthermore, the Caucus established the long-term goal of developing a leadership program for women members. 

Finally, women make up 25-30% of your Local—please get involved by attending Caucus Lobby Day and our next meeting on March 19, so, collectively, we can make a greater impact for social justice.  

For more information, contact Andrea Canini at (206)-441-4860, ext. 1258 or Dawn Gearhart at (206)-441-4860, ext. 1254.