Have you heard about Fast Track?

It’s federal legislation that could harm our economy and lead to a loss of Teamster jobs.

Today the U.S. Senate will be taking an important vote on Fast Track, and we need to let our Senators know where we stand.

Fast Track would require Congress to take a quick up-or-down vote on secret trade deals like the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).

Like other big trade deals before it, the TPP would make it easier for big corporations to ship jobs overseas, lower wages at home, and result in unsafe food being imported onto our store shelves.

Under Fast Track, Congress would be prohibited from changing such deals to include protections for workers or the environment.

When Congress passed NAFTA in 1993, some people said that it would create jobs. Since that time, 500,000 American jobs have moved offshore.

That’s why the Teamsters and other unions are united in opposing Fast Track and the TPP.

Please call Senator Patty Murray and Senator Maria Cantwell at 1-888-979-9806 and tell them to vote no on Fast Track! Your call matters!

You can also check out a CBS news article that quotes Local 117 member John Walsh, who works at the Cenveo Graphic Arts Center in Portland.  

In reference to Fast Track and the TPP, Walsh says:

"The biggest concern is inequality. Trade deals benefit a small portion of the population, particularly very powerful transnational corporations, and damage the vast majority of people in all the countries involved."