Drivers, who are employed by Transdev, have voted to join Teamsters Local 117. The 260 workers came together seeking retirement security, affordable health care, fair and equal treatment, strong representation, and respect.

“We’ve taken a very important step toward making our work environment better for the future,” said John Secord, a 4-year Transdev employee. “I’m excited to go to the bargaining table to finally get some recognition, fight for better benefits, and secure a better future for everybody.”

Through an agreement with King County, Transdev employees transport elderly and disabled residents of King County to locations throughout the Puget Sound region. The workers voted to become Teamsters in an NLRB election on December 8.

“After years of hard work, we deserve to retire with dignity,” said Sherrie Tinner, a 10-year driver who operates out of the Kent Base.

The drivers also identified improving their health benefits as a priority during the organizing drive. “I want the respect and benefits that comes with having a voice,” said Stephen Boeckman, a driver out of Transdev’s Bellevue base.

“We are excited to welcome Transdev drivers to the Teamsters,” said John Scearcy, Secretary-Treasurer of Teamsters Local 117. “The drivers worked tirelessly to win their union. The next step is to improve their working conditions by negotiating a strong Teamsters contract.”

Transdev is a French-based transport company with operations in 21 countries. Transdev North America operates the paratransit service for the King County Accessible Services division. The company operates 128 wheelchair accessible vans and transports about 500,000 passengers per year.