Drivers across Seattle’s personal transportation industry rallied at City Hall on Monday to demand regulatory changes that ensure safe and secure service to the public and dignified working conditions that allow drivers to earn a living wage.

Dozens of taxi drivers, for-hire drivers, and drivers from Transportation Network Companies (TNCs) attended the event. 

“All drivers – whether they drive a taxi, a for-hire vehicle, or an Uber towncar – deserve fair treatment and a living wage so that they can provide for their families,” said Rich Stolz, Executive Director of OneAmerica Votes, one of the sponsors of the event.  “The best way to achieve fairness is through safe, sensible regulation that puts workers and the traveling public first.”

After the rally, the drivers packed into a Seattle City Council meeting, where council members finalized a pilot program that will limit the number of TNC drivers to 150 per company.

The rally was sponsored by organizations representing drivers as well as the area’s major dispatch companies, including OneAmerica Votes, the Western Washington Taxicab Operators Association (WWTCOA), Teamsters Local 117, Seattle-King County Taxicab Alliance, the For Hire Drivers and Owners Association, CNG For Hire, Flywheel, Eastside For Hire, Orange Cab, Farwest Taxi and Yellow Cab.