It’s no surprise that in middle of DOC contract negotiations, anti-Union groups are trying to break our commitment to each other.

One of these groups - Opt-Out Today (aka “Freedom” Foundation) - is getting desperate. Their many attempts to manipulate you into turning your backs on your DOC co-workers have FAILED. Instead you have shown how deep and honorable your commitment is to your Sisters and Brothers in this Union…and that commitment is STRONG.

Unfortunately, they have exploited the State’s weak public disclosure laws to obtain your personal information and will continue to contact you through emails and postcards and may even come to your home with their propaganda, half-truths, and misrepresentation of the facts. Why are they so persistent? Why so much manipulation? What are their goals?

They want to take away your freedom to stand together as a Union. They want to eliminate collective bargaining rights for law enforcement and all public employees. They strongly opposed funding your DOC contract. They want to privatize public services and eliminate your right to a secure retirement.

In their propaganda, they imply that Teamsters 117 is somehow anti-law enforcement. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Teamsters 117 has a proud history of representing several law enforcement and corrections agencies. This comes with a proven track record of strong contracts, legislative accomplishments, and absolute support of corrections and law enforcement communities.

See how our values compare with theirs on issues that are critical to DOC families:

Opt-Out Today (“Freedom” Foundation)

Teamsters 117

Opposes your right to negotiate safer working conditions

Has successfully fought off attempts to weaken your right to negotiate

Lobbied against your right to paid sick leave

Secured 80 hours of additional emergency paid sick leave for DOC

Opposed funding your DOC contract

Raised wages for DOC by a minimum of 28.3% over the last 6 years 

Wants you to pay more on your health care premiums

Successfully negotiated to keep your health care costs at 15%

Wants to privatize public services

Has worked to stop private prisons and privatization of public services in Washington State

With our DOC contract on the line and an economic crisis looming, it’s more important than ever that we stand together, have each other’s backs, and stay committed to each other.

Don’t let these anti-Union groups divide us. Our livelihoods, our safety, and our right to negotiate are at stake.