DOC-BBQ---photos.jpgOver the last several weeks, hundreds of DOC Teamsters have been turning out for our summer BBQ events at DOC facilities across the state.

Yesterday, over 200 correctional employees participated at the Stafford Creek Correctional Center in Aberdeen.  

Today there is a barbecue at the Olympic Corrections Center near Forks and on Friday at the Clallam Bay Corrections Center in Clallam Bay.

At the events, members have been enjoying BBQ fare grilled up by Business Reps, Stewards, and other Union staff.  They have also been signing up for DRIVE, or Democrat, Republican Independent Voter Education.

DRIVE funds our member lobbying work in Olympia on issues like:

  • Funding our contracts and our contract campaign
  • Working for Interest Arbitration for DOC members
  • Passing a concealed weapons carry bill for DOC Teamsters

DRIVE dollars have also been used for:

  • Helping elect Teamsters to office like Stanwood Mayor Leonard Kelley, or SeaTac Mayor Tony Anderson, or Kent City Councilmembers Dennis Higgins and Dana Ralph – all Teamsters
  • Contributing to issue campaigns on the ballot like fighting Right to Work (for less)
  • Contributing to legislators who support our issues and against those who oppose us
  • Paying for materials to support these efforts in educating our members and the community

When DOC and other Local 117 members contribute to DRIVE, we hold politicians accountable to the issues we care about. 

For more information, talk to your Business Rep.