Eric-Smith.jpgStarting this November, your Local Union will be facilitating trainings for Shop Stewards at the Department of Corrections at all DOC facilities across the state.

This is an opportunity for DOC Stewards to gain a deeper understanding of the grievance and arbitration process, political action, member mobilization, the elements of just cause, and the scope and history of Teamsters 117.    

Every DOC Shop Steward will be receiving a letter invitation to the training at his/her facility.  The dates for the trainings are listed below.  Please note that these dates are subject to change.  As soon as we have detailed information about location and times, we will let you know.  If you have questions, please talk to your Business Representative.

  • CRCC - 11/12
  • WSP - 11/13
  • AHCC - 11/15
  • WCC - 11/22
  • OCC - 12/2
  • CBCC - 12/3
  • CCCC - 12/9
  • LCC - 12/16
  • MCC - 12/17
  • SCCC - To be determined.
  • WCCW & MCCCW - Will hold a joint training to be determined.