Teamsters picket for safety and respect at the Monroe Correctional Complex on June 5. 

On June 14, we wrapped up our third two-day bargaining session between our Union Negotiations Committee and the State over our 2025-2027 Department of Corrections collective bargaining agreement.  

Throughout negotiations, our Union team, consisting of 23 rank-and-file members, has been hard at work to modify your contract in ways that improve staff safety and best represent your interests at the bargaining table.

The last session, on June 6-7, came directly after our Picket for Safety & Respect at the Monroe Correctional Complex, when dozens of Teamsters participated in a day-long picketing action at the facility to demand that the DOC do more to ensure the safety and security for all State corrections workers. You can view photos from the picketing here. 

The June 13-14 session was frustratingly slow, with DOC unwilling to agree to many of our proposals. One of our goals is to hold leadership accountable for decisions that put our members unnecessarily at risk. We've also proposed improvements to mandatory overtime, alternate work schedules, bereavement leave, and many other articles in the contract.

You can view a short video update on the picketing action and ongoing negotiations from Sgt. James Palmer of MCC below:

We'll be back in negotiations on June 28 and again on July 9-10. If we are unable to come to an agreement that is acceptable to your Union Committee, we have mediation tentatively scheduled for July 22-26 and an interest arbitration hearing scheduled for the week of August 22. 

Please reach out to your Union Rep or one of the members of your Union Negotiations Committee listed below if you have questions:

  • Brandon Archer - Correctional Sergeant, WSP
  • Sheena Bates - Classification Counselor 3, WSP
  • Brandi Blair - Roster Manager, MCC
  • Reginald Braswell - Correctional Specialist 2, CCCC
  • Jacquie Crenshaw - Dental Hygienist 2, WCCW
  • CJ Dean - CO2, CRCC
  • Kathleen Jackson - RN2, WSP
  • Brandon Jennings - Correctional Sergeant, WCC
  • Crystal Jennings - Correctional Sergeant, WCC
  • Thomas Johnson - CO2, AHCC
  • Chris Lukens - CO2, OCC
  • Donna Lytle - Medical Assistant, MCC
  • Aaron McFarland - CC2 AHCC
  • Bryan McGarvie - Correctional Sergeant, CBCC
  • Alena McGowen-Folsom - AC Cook, MCCCW
  • Brady McNeely - CO2, CBCC
  • Lewis Monterroso - Correctional Sergeant, SCCC
  • James Palmer - Correctional Sergeant, MCC
  • Gregg Peterson - CO2, SCCC
  • Eric Villaro - Electronic Technician 4, WSP
  • Scott Williams - CO3, CRCC
  • Anthony Zukowski - Deckhand, MICC


  • May 20-21
  • June 6-7
  • June 13-14
  • June 28
  • July 9-10
  • July 16-17
  • July 22-26 (Mediation, if needed)
  • August 22-30 (Interest Arbitration, if needed)
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