Contract surveys were mailed out on January 17 to all Teamsters at the Department of Corrections, but the surveys have been slow to arrive in some parts of the state.

As a result, we will be extending the deadline for turning in the surveys to Monday, February 3, 2014.

Please complete the survey as soon as you receive it, bring it to your institution, and deposit it in the designated box.  If you’re unsure where to drop your survey or if you haven’t received a survey by January 28, talk to your Shop Steward or your Business Representative. 

Your contract survey allows you to provide critical input on issues that impact you at your facility.  Your Union bargaining committee relies on input from the surveys to prepare for contract negotiations and to develop meaningful proposals.

Please participate in the contract negotiations process.  With our newly-won interest arbitration rights, this year is an important one for all Teamsters at the Department of Corrections.

Thank you and stay safe,

Michelle Woodrow
Director of Corrections & Law Enforcement