We've been working to ensure that you are paid appropriately in the event you were refused entry to work during DOC's COVID screening process.

As you'll recall, we achieved an agreement with the Department back in March that clarified our position regarding your leave. 

Unfortunately, the DOC has applied that agreement incorrectly in many cases. This has led to a lot of confusion, and many of you have reached out to your Union Representatives for help.

To address the situation, we filed a statewide grievance in an effort to hold DOC to its word and to achieve remedies for members who have been inappropriately denied paid leave.

We're happy to report that we have recently resolved the grievance reaffirming the Union's position and formalized a settlement agreement with the Department that confirms your right to paid administrative leave when appropriate.

In short, it says that if you were refused entry during the screening process from March 15 through August 16 but were otherwise healthy and able to work, you are eligible for paid administrative leave (misc leave 9045).

If this applies to you and you were denied paid leave or charged the wrong type of leave during this time frame, you will need to resubmit your leave slip with the correct leave type.

You can refer to this draft document for additional guidance. The Department will be publishing the final document soon.

Moving forward from August 16, when you return to work after being screened, the agency should follow these same protocols.

Remember, if you were sick and denied access at the time of screening, you must use one of the forms of personal leave you are entitled to under your collective bargaining agreement (sick, vacation, personal holiday, etc). In the event you contracted COVID-19, you can utilize the additional 80 hours of emergency sick leave (FFCRA) we negotiated on your behalf. 

If you have questions, please contact your Union Representative listed below:

Talisa Boad 360-722-0891 [email protected]
Sarena Davis 206-794-6671 [email protected]
Matthew House 206-794-8871 [email protected]
Cheryl Miller 509-220-2939 [email protected]
Frederick Rodgers 360-722-2308 [email protected]
Wesley Wilson 509-520-0012 [email protected]