We are taking a strong position with the State with respect to the updated vaccine mandate.  

Last week, we sent a "demand to bargain" letter to OFM's office of labor relations asserting that the new vaccine mandate is a mandatory subject of bargaining. Our position is that the State must negotiate with the Union over the impacts of the mandate prior to implementation.

You can read our Union's demand to bargain letter here

As we state in our letter, the updated vaccine mandate has the potential to significantly change the job requirements of many DOC employees. State labor law requires the employer to negotiate with the Union before enacting significant changes to your job.  

As a part of this process, we have requested pertinent information from the State to help our legal team prepare for these negotiations. Those requests can be found in our demand to bargain letter. I will also be sending out a member survey so we can hear your feedback on the State's announcement regarding vaccines.

As a reminder, the State used a legal maneuver to block our challenge to the unilateral implementation of the first vaccine mandate. With contract negotiations underway, we believe we are in a stronger position this time around to make sure your voice is heard and respected.

But it is important that you speak out. Be sure to complete the vaccine survey when it comes out and talk to your Shop Stewards and Union Representative about where you stand on this important issue.   

Sarena Davis

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