We are excited to launch our new Teamsters contest!

Let's celebrate the work that Teamsters do every day. We are builders, caregivers, protectors, and public servants. Teamsters have a hand in almost every aspect of our lives from forging steel for the Space Needle to delivering food to grocery store shelves to running animal shelters. When our work day is done, we engage our communities by volunteering, organizing events and donating. Let's share what we do by creating a calendar of images of Teamsters in the community and at work.



How to Participate*

1. Take a picture of your coworkers while working at their job or participating in community events. 

2. Give your picture a title.

3. Write a brief description of what is going on in the picture, names of people in it, and the date it was taken.

4. Include your name, employer and phone number in the email.

5. Send the photo and the information to us!

Email or share it with your union representative.

* You must be a member of Teamsters 117 in good standing to enter.


Selection process

The photos will be posted on Facebook and the winning photos will be voted on by fellow Teamsters and their families. Bonus points if a Teamsters logo appears in the picture.

We will select 12 photos to be put into a 2019 Teamsters calendar. All winners will get copies of the calendar.


What are you waiting for? Start taking pictures!


Tips for a winning photo

Lighting makes a great picture. Let plenty of light fall on your subject, (but not to the point they are squinting at the sun!)

Think of what you want to show. Close in to show emotions on the face or small details. Step back for a bigger picture. Think of a different angle by crouching or taking a shot from above.

Take several shots, and then pick the best.

Since we are creating a horizontal calendar, take pictures in "landscape" orientation.

Send it to us in the largest size available!

Remember, the winning images must size to 8.5x11" while maintaining good quality. If your image looks too blurry, dark or pixellated, take another snap!