Thank you to everyone who participated in the recent voting process for DOC Shop Stewards.

All of the votes have been tallied, and we're excited to report that we have a new group of Shop Stewards for Teamsters at the Department of Corrections. The new positions will be effective January 1, 2024.


AHCC At Large Brandon Duncan
AHCC Custody 1st Shift Aaron Grothe
AHCC Custody 2nd Shift Dennis Abel
AHCC Custody 2nd Shift Thomas Johnson
AHCC Custody 2nd Shift Michael Marcus
AHCC Custody 3rd Shift Derreck Cochran
AHCC Custody 3rd Shift Nathan Dahl
AHCC Health Services Crystal Fortini
AHCC Health Services Sheryl Green
AHCC Non Custody Dennis Jordan
AHCC Non Custody Aaron McFarland
CBCC At Large Terrance Donoghue
CBCC CO3 Bryan McGarvie
CBCC Custody 1st Shift Guy Lipsky
CBCC Custody 2nd Shift Brady McNeely
CBCC Custody 3rd Shift Anthony Shreve
CBCC Non Custody Kathy Riojas
CCCC At Large Reginald Braswell
CCCC Custody 1st Shift Todd Meyers
CI Non Custody Randy Eversole
CRCC At Large Scott Williams
CRCC Classification Counselor Rolando Reyna
CRCC Custody 2nd Shift Joshua Benedict-Smith
CRCC Custody 2nd Shift Kellon Cunningham
CRCC Custody 2nd Shift Cj Dean
CRCC Custody 3rd Shift Stephen Durfee
CRCC Custody 3rd Shift Mason Mann
CRCC Health Services Kristen Stowers
CRCC Maintenance Jesse Mandler
CRCC Non Custody Matthew McGetrick
CRCC Non Custody Steven Salsbury
DOC - HQ Non Custody Kris Geringer
DOC - HQ Non Custody Tammy Williams
MAPLE LN At Large Jesse Smiley
MCC At Large David Roberts
MCC Custody 1st Shift Thomas Allen
MCC Custody 1st Shift Marco Prieto
MCC Custody 1st Shift Nathaniel Spiese
MCC Custody 2nd Shift Julius Monroe
MCC Custody 2nd Shift James Palmer
MCC Custody 2nd Shift William Pollick
MCC Custody 2nd Shift Jonathan Scott
MCC Custody 2nd Shift Nathan Spoo
MCC Custody 3rd Shift Myron Ayala
MCC Custody 3rd Shift Angelina Eneli
MCC Custody 3rd Shift Jason Heuer
MCC Custody 3rd Shift Aaron Roos
MCC Custody 3rd Shift Jasper Umetsu
MCC Non Custody 2nd Shift Shari Hagar
MCC Non Custody 2nd Shift Donna Lytle
MCC Non Custody 2nd Shift Lisa McNabb
MCC Non Custody 3rd Shift Deniese Adams
MCC Non Custody 3rd Shift Lynn Kunkle
MCCCW At Large Alena Mcgowan-Folsom
MCCCW At Large Hailey Van Meter
MCNEIL ISLAND Maintenance Steven Stuart
MCNEIL ISLAND Marine Anthony Zukowski
OCC At Large Matthew Fultz
OCC At Large Chris Lukens
SCCC At Large William Lane
SCCC CI Michael Troy
SCCC Custody 1st Shift William Carpenter
SCCC Custody 1st Shift Dan Thurier
SCCC Custody 2nd Shift Paul Creswell
SCCC Custody 2nd Shift Lewis Monterroso
SCCC Custody 2nd Shift Gregg Peterson
SCCC Custody 2nd Shift Jesse Reese
SCCC Custody 3rd Shift Ray Howerton
SCCC Custody 3rd Shift Michael Todd
SCCC Health Services Tammy Koski
SWRBO Non Custody Cassandra King
WCC Custody 1st Shift John Gardenhire
WCC Custody 1st Shift Stephen Veres
WCC Custody 2nd Shift Brandon Jennings
WCC Custody 2nd Shift Crystal Jennings
WCC Custody 3rd Shift Iosefo Henke
WCC Custody 3rd Shift Denise Hickey
WCC Health Services Nicole Buckingham
WCC Non Custody Daniel Alvarez
WCC Non Custody Diedre Broxson
WCC Non Custody Michael Curtis
WCC Non Custody Tony Tellez
WCCW Custody 1st Shift Fallen Luciano
WCCW Custody 2nd Shift Debra Gordon
WCCW Custody 2nd Shift Daniel Musson
WCCW Custody 3rd Shift Gregory Brooks
WCCW Health Services Jacqueline Crenshaw
WCCW Non Custody David Burns
WCCW Non Custody Brian Santos
WSP At Large Sheena Bates
WSP At Large Justin Brown
WSP At Large Rebecca Haneynixon
WSP At Large Renee Irwin Suckow
WSP At Large Eric Villaro
WSP Custody 2nd Shift Brandon Archer
WSP Custody 2nd Shift Chase Harvey
WSP Custody 2nd Shift Rodney Krause
WSP Custody 2nd Shift Christopher Malone
WSP Custody 2nd Shift Thomas Mitchell
WSP Custody 3rd Shift Loren Brown
WSP Custody 3rd Shift Scott Fonger
WSP Custody 3rd Shift Francisco Robledo
WSP Custody 3rd Shift Jose Romero
WSP Custody 3rd Shift Makaiwi Wachter
WSP Health Services 2nd Shift Kathleen Jackson
WSP Health Services 3rd Shift Douglas Acosta


Sarena Davis

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Representing: LCC, WCC, SWRBO