When Today September 09, 2014 at 5pm 2 hrs
Contact Dustin Lambro [email protected]

On September 9th, members of Teamsters Local 117 will join Healthy Tacoma members at a Citizen's Forum event for one last hurrah in support for paid sick days!

Some members of the City Council got the message and are ready to act to get 40,000 Tacoma residents paid sick days. But other City Council members are still on the fence and need to hear from us now!

We need you now more than ever to come to City Hall and stand in solidarity with us.

Numerous cities have passed paid sick days ordinances (11 to be exact)! With your help, Tacoma will be next. We have been building up to this moment and have collected nearly 2,000 postcards from Tacoma residents like you who want the City Council to pass this.

The meeting will start at 5:30 PM, September 9th (next Tuesday), on the first floor at Tacoma City Hall, located at 747 Market Street.

Look for Organizers Sandy and Amanda; they'll both be wearing Healthy Tacoma buttons.

Will you come?