Arbitrator Anthony Vivenzio has certified our internal union election results for Teamsters Local 117.

Arbitrator Vivenzio is an experienced arbitrator who has overseen many other union elections. We hired him at the beginning of the process to monitor all aspects of the election to ensure transparency and fairness.

The Arbitrator's certified results report the following:

Members of our Union voted to elect the Scearcy Unity Slate to continue to lead our Union for the next three years. 

4164 members cast their ballots in the election. The Scearcy Unity Slate received 47.3 percent of the vote and the Pete Lamb Leadership Slate received 39.6 percent.

6.7 percent of the ballots were cast for individuals instead of a slate. These votes brought the total for John Scearcy to 51 percent and Pete Lamb to 43 percent. The numbers varied slightly for other members of each slate.

6.3 percent of ballots were challenged.

You can view the Arbitrator's complete certified results here.

The new Teamsters 117 Executive Board as elected by the membership of our Union is:

John Scearcy – Secretary-Treasurer
Michelle Woodrow – President
Marcus Williams – Vice President
Dave Roberts – Recording Secretary
Cynthia Adams – Trustee
Scott Anderson – Trustee
Alfredo Espino – Trustee 

Thank you again for all members who cast a ballot and participated in our Union's democratic process. Your voice matters!

And please don't forget to vote in both our Teamsters International Union election and our local and national elections. Election Day for the statewide and presidential election is November 8. Your ballot for our the IBT election must be received by November 14.